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In this Collection of artworks I want to capture frozen memories of walks and travels, of the beauty of nature in all its manifestations, of states of consciousness, my thoughts about the passage of time, about the cycle of life, both small and eternal.

Neosymbolism & Metamodernism
10 artworks

It contains artworks made in the style of neosymbolism and metamodernism.

44 artworks

Golden Leaf
14 artworks

Here are collected paintings created with the use of golden color leaves, glued over the bridge and covered with a special varnish. "Gold" potal is made of brass. That is, potal is a composite of zinc and copper.

City Landscape
10 artworks

This is a collection in which the main plot becomes the image of the city, its streets and buildings. City landscape is a genre of paintings with the help of which I convey the emotions and mood of the city I have seen, or of some of my favorite, or something that agitated a place in the city at a certain time of year, or time of day.

41 artworks

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On the Feast of the Resurrection of Christ in Kiev on Sofiyskaya Square, the eggs painted by the gods are exhibited. They are 90cm high and 60cm wide. This egg in the form of an old fresco, I painted in 2017g.

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